Paint Color Consultation

Color Is Fun!

primary painting paint colors

One of the biggest fears people have when deciding to paint is “choosing the right color”. We offer a Free paint color consultation when you hire us for your project. We would spend time together looking at the color wheel to see what works best for your room according to lighting, accessories, etc. But remember please do your own homework to include researching websites, notice colors of other homes interior and exterior.

color wheel

After spending time at your home looking at the Sherwin Williams color wheel we recommend that you go to a local Sherwin Williams and pick up either paint chips or sample paints of the colors we discussed. The next step is to look at these colors at your home in your lighting both during the day and at night whether inside or outside depending on your project. Keep in mind the look of paint colors may change throughout the day or night depending on the light.

REMEMBER – the final choice on your paint colors is your decision. We are just here to help with suggestions.