Interior Painting

Interior painting is an important step to beautify your home. However, it can be a very stressful process! Primary Painting strives to make sure your high quality interior paint job is completed with as little inconvenience to you and your family as possible. Please follow these steps to learn more about our interior painting process:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Color Selection
  3. Job Preparation
  4. Paint Application
  5. Final Walk-Through

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The first step in the painting process is the initial consultation. During this consultation we will walk through your home and review the rooms or areas to be painted. For interior painting, it is helpful to have a general idea of what color you would like in any room that will be painted. This will help us to provide you with an accurate estimate. We will also use this time to explain any problem areas, and to inquire about your concerns or questions.

We will provide a detailed estimate with all the various options that are available for your paint project. This quotation will provide the details about the surfaces that will be painted and the materials we will use to complete your job. Primary Painting uses Sherwin Williams products, ensuring that your home will continue to look its best for years to come. There are a wide variety of high quality interior paints, so it is important to us to have the opportunity to discuss your project with you and make sure your paint will meet your needs!


When repainting a room with the same color we will match the existing color or colors. The easiest way to match the colors is by taking samples from the original paint. Sherwin Williams will then custom match the colors. If you do not have paint to use for samples, we will use the Sherwin Williams color wheel to try to find a match. If there is not a color in the color wheel that matches, we will take a sample and have Sherwin Williams custom match the sample. When we are finished, we will leave the remaining paint with you, so you will have all your formulas in the future.

For two coat jobs, any interior color can be selected. However, some color changes will require a coat of primer in addition to the two coats of paint. Color selection can be an intimidating process and trying to determine what color to paint your room or rooms based on a color chip can seem impossible. To help you through this process here are our suggestions.

Look at the rooms of family and friends and ask them about color schemes you like. Since you will have seen the colors on a large scale, this is a great way to know you will enjoy the color in your room. Look through magazines or catalogs and mark rooms you like. You may notice you tend to select rooms in similar colors, which can help to narrow down your choices. Also, many decorating magazines have information about the paint colors featured throughout the magazine.

Hire a decorator to help you with color selection. This may seem like an expensive option, but using a decorator for color selection only can be surprisingly affordable. Additionally, decorators are trained to help you determine what works with your existing furniture. Their fee can be well worth it to make sure you end up with a room you love.

Go to a local Sherwin Williams and examine the colors on display there. Your local Sherwin Williams store has many pre-arranged color combinations on display. You may find exactly what you are looking for in one of these combinations.

If you are unable to find colors in the Sherwin Williams color wheel, you can look for colors you like at Home Depot, Lowes, Duron or any other paint store. We will take the color sample you select to Sherwin Williams and have them match it. Sherwin Williams has formulas for almost every color from every manufacturer, ensuring a fast accurate match every time.

Once you find a color you like, you may want to sample that color in your room. Colors often look different when applied, especially in artificial light, so sampling is an important step. Contact us about samples or you may create samples on your own. Remember, ALL color changes will require two coats of paint, so your first coat will not be an accurate indication of the finished product. Please remember, when changing paint colors, the color selection is the customer’s responsibility. Although we are willing to help, WE CANNOT SELECT COLORS FOR YOU!


The first step to prepare for interior painting is clearing the room to protect your belongings and floors. We ask that you remove small items, such as collectibles, or anything you would prefer that someone else not handle from the rooms to be painted before our arrival. When we arrive we will move all furniture to another room or to the center of the room. Then, we will tape off the edges of the room. Once the edges of the room are taped, we will cover the floors and any remaining furniture with plastic. This is the most important step in interior painting, and we will complete this process before any paint is brought into your home!

Once all unpainted surfaces are covered, we will prepare the walls for painting. We will remove all the switch plates and outlet covers. Then, we will fill any holes or cracks and repair any drywall damage. Once the spackle has dried we will sand these areas on the walls to ensure a smooth and even paint application. If needed, we will then prime with the appropriate Sherwin Williams interior primer.


After we have completed all the preparation it is time to apply the paint. For interior painting we apply all paint by hand using brushes and rollers. This is the best way to achieve a uniform and beautiful application. For any painted surface we will first paint the edges and corners with a brush. We will then use a roller to paint the remaining areas.

When painting all the surfaces in a room we will paint the ceiling first. Upon completion of the ceiling, we will paint the walls. The trim, including windows, baseboards, moldings, and doors, will be painted last. When trim is not painted it will be taped during job preparation to ensure the wall paint stays on the walls only! After completing all painting, we will go around your room again to make sure there are no drips or missed areas.


Once we complete any touch up, we will remove the tape and plastic and return the furniture to its original location. Then we will meet with you and give you the opportunity to inspect the completed project for yourself. This final walk-through is how we make sure you are completely satisfied with your paint project, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We will address all of your concerns. It may help to compose a punch list or mark areas with post-it notes, and we encourage you to do that. Your paint job is never complete until you say it is!