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3.  Exterior Painting - Job Preparation

Look at any freshly painted home from the street and you may believe that the contractor did a "good" job. Never settle for a "good" job! The difference between a "good" job and a Primary Painting job lies under the surface! The preparation when refinishing a home is what will guarantee your home holds up years from now.

We start every job by powerwashing all surfaces to be painted. Even if your home appears clean, we must powerwash all surfaces to ensure a high quality paint job. Powerwashing removes all mildew, dust, and chalking paint which can prohibit paint from properly adhering to the substrate. We will also clean out your gutters to remove any debris before painting begins.

Our uniformed professionals will begin by caulking all joints and cracks. We caulk all expansion joints (where siding meets siding), trim boards and window frames -- not just those that appear to need it. If all joints all not caulked, your home will be suspect to premature weathering.

We will fill all nail holes using painter's putty. The painter's putty dries to form an impenetrable barrier against the elements. Any unfilled nail holes can trap moisture which will lead to water damage. Especially on home with Masonite siding, this is a critical step. If nail holes are not filled, water will build up in the nail holes and cause major damage!

Any areas of chipping or peeling paint must be sanded prior to painting. Simply recoating surfaces with peeling paint will only temporarily mask the problem. The proper way to deal with chipping paint is to sand down all surfaces to bare wood. Once all the loose paint has been removed, the exposed surface must be primed prior to painting to ensure proper adhesion. We prime all these areas using Sherwin Williams A-100 primer.

You take great pride in your home and the landscaping around it. Before painting we will cover all unpainted surfaces (shingles, landscaping, deck, concrete, etc). We also remove all street numbers, doorbells, brass kick plates, doorknockers, light fixtures, shutters, and downspouts to ensure a complete paint job.

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