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4.  Exterior Painting - Paint Application

After we have completed all prep work it, we will apply the paint. A Primary Painting paint job is always applied by hand with absolutely NO SPRAYING!

We believe that you will receive a far superior job when paint is applied with a brush. For one, it is nearly impossible to get a good thick coat of paint under the lapses on siding boards when you spray. Masonite siding is especially susceptible to rot and water damage. Without a thick coat of paint protecting the undersides of these boards you may end up having to repair the siding. Another benefit to hand-brushed painting is that you will not need to worry about spray damage to surrounding homes, vehicles, and landscaping. That ensures that you, and your neighbors, will be pleased.

The first step when applying the paint is to coat all of the siding on the home. Once the siding is complete, we will go around your home a second time and paint all window frames, trim boards, fascia boards, and overhangs. When the siding and trim are complete, we will paint the shutters and doors. After completing all painting, we will go around your home again to ensure that all windows have been cleaned and there are no drips or missed areas. If we are staining your deck, we will apply the stain to the deck once all painting is complete.

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