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2.  Exterior Painting - Color Selection

Many of our exterior paint jobs are single coat repaints of the same color. When repainting your home the same color we will match the existing colors. The easiest, and most accurate, way to match the colors is by taking samples from the original paint. Sherwin Williams will then custom match the colors. If you do not have paint to use for samples, we will use the Sherwin Williams color wheel to try to find a match. If there is not a color in the color wheel that matches, we will take samples from the least faded areas on your house and have Sherwin Williams custom match them. When we are finished, we will leave the remaining paint with you, so you will have all your paint formulas in the future.

For two coat paint jobs, any exterior color can be selected. Once you sign your contract you will be given a Sherwin Williams color wheel which includes all standard Sherwin Williams colors. Color selection can be an intimidating process and trying to determine what color to paint your entire home based on a color chip can seem impossible. To help you through this process here are our suggestions.

Walk or drive through your neighborhood or nearby neighborhoods and look at houses to determine what color schemes you like. If you find a house that has colors you like, ask the homeowner what colors they have on their home. Since you will have seen the colors on a large scale, this is by far the best way to know you will enjoy the color on your home.

Go to Sherwin Williams [click here for Store Locations] and examine the colors on display there. Your local Sherwin Williams store has many pre-arranged color combinations on display. You may find exactly what you are looking for in one of these combinations.

If you are unable to find colors in the Sherwin Williams color wheel, you can look for colors you like at Home Depot, Lowes, Duron or any other paint store. We will take the color sample you select to Sherwin Williams and have them match it. Sherwin Williams has formulas for almost every color from every manufacturer, ensuring a fast, accurate match every time.

Once you find a color you like, you may want to sample that color on your home. Colors often look different when applied, so sampling is an important step, especially if you are unsure about a color. Contact us about having a sample applied to your house or you may apply samples on your own. Remember, ALL color changes will require two coats of paint, so your first coat will not be an accurate indication of the finished product. We will be happy to provide you with up to 3 sample colors with any two coat contract. Additional samples can be applied to your home for an additional charge.

Please remember, when changing paint colors, the color selection is the customer's responsibility. If your colors must be approved by a homeowner's association or architectural committee, please have this completed prior to our arrival. UNFORTUNATELY, WE CANNOT SELECT COLORS FOR YOU!

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